Justin Van Breda


Founder: Justin Van Breda London; Cape Looms; Cape Craft School

Justin is an interior and furniture designer with over 25 years experience in the design industry and an established reputation as a leading designer in the UK and beyond.

Born and educated in Cape Town, Justin has a degree in English and Politics, and a higher Diploma in Interior Design from Design Time School of Interior Design. Moving to London, he became Creative Director at Nicky Haslam and then in 2002, went on to open his own eponymous brand on London’s Pimlico Road, which was filled with what he believed “was the very best South Africa was producing”.

Committed to building community and sharing information, he believes that the future of design lies in preserving traditional craftsmanship and supporting the talented individuals who bring these skills to life. Twenty five years later his social projects are a testament to this – his Africa furniture collections – Safari and Cape Weaver – spotlight the craft and community of African makers. Justin’s most recent project, Cape Looms, showcases the heritage talent of the women weavers in South Africa. 

“Cape Craft School is a way to engender positive change on the ground in our communities.”


Commercial Project Manager

Having worked in London and South Africa, Dawn has a background in professional finance, operations and project management, built on her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Stellenbosch University. With an impressive roster of companies including esteemed financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young, Dawn also balanced a role as a stay-at-home mom with managing multiple properties in London from 2005. On her return to South Africa in 2011, Dawn joined a software company, where she excelled in overseeing all the operational aspects of the company – payroll, accounts, operations, and office/project management.

Passionate about making a positive impact “doing what you can”, Dawn brings a wealth of experience, an unwavering commitment to effecting productive change and drives organised excellence with a clarity of vision and a great sense of humour.



Natalie is the current Chairperson of the Cape Town Attorneys Association. With LLB, LLM (Tax Law) qualifications in South Africa and England & Wales, Natalie brings her legal expertise to various community service and educational initiatives, including Spence Learning Institute and StartupVibe. Focusing on empowering businesses and individuals through innovative and practical solutions, extending into the non-profit sector, supporting community development and effective problem-solving.  

Dedicated to promoting education in the arts and crafts, aiming to support a community where creativity and craftsmanship are valued, her goal is to ensure artisans have access to the necessary resources to thrive, living by the ethos of “adding life to days, not just days to life.”


General Practitioner

Johnny, born, bred, and educated in Cape Town, obtained his BA (LLB) from UCT.  Post his military training in the SA Defence Force he became a Military Law Officer at the Castle in Cape Town before going on to set up his own firm, initially as Henkes Buswell and now Henkes Nolte-Joubert, in practice for over 25 years. 

He is an expert general practitioner, dealing with various types of commercial work, as well as High Court and Magistrates Court litigation; his expertise encompasses sale agreements, leases, shareholders and members’ agreements, franchising, licensing, distribution, agency agreements, labour issues, trademarks and unlawful competition.

Johnny brings a wealth of experience, passion, and good counsel to his various social and community projects and believes in the power of education and knowledge as the cornerstones of progress.