• An international platform for promoting and selling products, directly showing where the funds go back to, and a security for the buyer that the product will be deliverable and arrive as described.


  • An annual international exhibition of products by the graduating class, to give international exposure to the skill set encouraging designers and retailers to work with them. A local year end exhibition would be held at the school, and the most lauded work would be taken to Paris for an
    exhibition in January to coincide with the Design Week and Fashion Week shows.


  • Setting up and sponsoring small businesses of talented and entrepreneurial graduates.


  • Placements and exchanges in business and school processes where there is a sharing of ideas and craft and thought.


  • The making of the designs of design students and or international designers as projects of the school students to show in their annual exhibition.


  • Creating a creative environment where designers can bring commissions to the school for execution by the students for commercial benefit of the school and the students.