The South African high school graduation certificate is called Matriculation, and the prospective students should meet the school leavers MATRICULATION certificate PASS criteria. The school will draw initially from the high schools associated with trusts such as Mellon Educate and Mrs Rupert’s educational charity The Imibala Trust, pulling the creative learners from these institutions.


Cape Craft School to affiliate with various educational and philanthropic foundations, corporations, and private families who would sponsor a number of students each year.

The registrar for Cape Craft School would put forward selected students to the foundations following application for placement, and the successful student would need to meet the requirements of the particular foundation they are applying to. The sponsor would be encouraged to have as much involvement in the learner’s development as possible.


  • A funding board would lead outreach to the foundations and philanthropic enterprises, fundraising enough placements to populate the school.
  • A local administrative board would run the school and the local structure required to set up the enterprise, appoint a principal, staff, set the curriculum, and manage the campus and the students.
  • The registrar office would undertake outreach to schools for applications, vet the students for pre application, and pass the students forward to the fee funding organisations for consideration.